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REPORT:Metaphor - Story Telling of Products and Business

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

This programme was held on October 27, 2021, with Hideki Yoshimoto as the lecturer. Mr. Yoshimoto, who has been remarkably active with his focus on the interface between design and engineering, gave a lecture and exercises on the theme of storytelling, especially metaphors, which he considers to be the most important aspect of design work. Please read the comments from a participants below.

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I am in the business of supporting and investing in startups, and Ithought the programme would be helpful for my project design. The process of the exercises was relatively simple, and it was useful to reconfirm the methodology. I wanted to learn especially how to incorporate metaphorical ideas into practice, or how to use time and concentration for it, and Yoshimoto san's talk on it was very helpful.

In the exercises, the participants worked on the subject of their companies. I myself focused on the human resources and brought metaphors such as "molecular structure," "spiral staircase," and "three-dimensional four-in-a-row". In the metaphor of the spiral staircase, the key points were the rotation, the ascent, and the fact that there is an entrance and exit on each floor, among others. Yoshimoto san's comments on them gave me hints on how to expand my associations and how to develop the layers of metaphors.

(Hiroshi Nemoto, Startup support)

About the Programme

Title: Metaphor - Story telling of products and business

Lecturer: Hideki Yoshimoto (Design Engineer, Founder and Director of Tangent, Project Associate Professor of RCAST, Univ. of Tokyo)

Date and Time: October 27, 2021 18:00-21:00

Format: Online

For more information, please check the following page:


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