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DLX DESIGN ACADEMY is a design innovation education program that is part of the "Design-Led X (DLX)" initiative promoted by the Institute of Industrial Science at The University of Tokyo.

Design-Led X Platform
Design-Led X is an initiative of the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, which aims to incorporate a design perspective into research activities and create new value.


Institute of Industrial Science
It is an attached research institute of the University of Tokyo that covers almost all fields of engineering.
It consists of 5 research departments and a group of research centers, and about 160 laboratories are active. Our mission is to solve various engineering problems, bridge academics and practices, and develop human resources.

About DLX

DLX DESIGN ACADEMY is being implemented as part of the " DLX Platform" initiative.

DLX is an abbreviation for "Design-Led X", an initiative promoted by the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo. DLX aims to create new value by incorporating a design perspective into cutting-edge technology in order to pursue true affluence.

How we can collaborate with companies

In addition to open programs (workshops and other programs), DLX DESIGN ACADEMY also offers individually customized programs for companies.

● Design Thinking Design Doing: In-house penetration and practice of design thinking has an effect on the growth of the company. For this reason, we are mainly conducting programs for non-designer employees (engineers, people in the business department such as marketing) to learn and practice design thinking. The period is half a day, one day to several weeks (held once a week), etc.

● Focused on design methods and themes such as "service design" and "circular economy". We will propose according to your company's issues.

We can handle various formats such as workshops, lectures, and boot camps. Please feel free to contact us.



Official name :


S-207, S building, Institute of Industrial Science,

The University of Tokyo, Komaba 4-6-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505

Email address: academy (at)

* Please change (at) to "@" .

Administered by the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Science

Collaboration: Mori Memorial Foundation

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