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Yoon Bahk  

Lecturer at UC Berkeley (Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation). Prior to moving to California, he was a Senior Tutor at the Royal College of Art IDE (Innovation Design Engineering programme) for seven years. In addition to teaching visual thinking to the BBC, Microsoft, and the UK government, he has held many design thinking workshops and has a good reputation for his teaching methods. He also develops tools for design thinking workshops, and the idea tools developed by Yoon are also used in RCA workshops.

Yoon is based in California and is a Lecturer at UC Berkeley, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and for 7 years was Senior Tutor at the Royal College of Art's Innovation Design Engineering program. She also conducts visual facilitation workshops and teaches visual thinking for companies such as the BBC and Microsoft to help foster ideas around innovation within an organization.

Gaetano Ling  

IDEO (Palo Alto) Active as a product design lead. We have been pursuing new five senses experiences using cutting-edge technology for more than 10 years. His "Thinking through making" attitude is consistent in his work across design, digital and engineering.

Gaetano is a Product Design Lead at IDEO. He has 10 years of experience in inventing new technologies for products that offer richer human experiences. Based in Silicon Valley, he embraces a'thinking through making' approach towards innovation that blends design with digital and physical engineering.

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