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About vHM

vHM Design Futures was founded in London in 2011 by Clive van Heerden and Jack Mama. Clive van Heerden's rich background in social sciences, interaction design, Jack Mama's products and UX design underpins vHM's work.

vHM is best known by the Design Probe method developed by Philips Design. Design Probe methodologies for future lifestyle insights have announced projects such as Electronic Tatoo, Emotional Sensing Apparel, and Microbial Home, as well as food-related projects such as Diagnostic Kitchen, Home Farming, and Michelin Star Chef Juan-Spain. Multi-sensorial Gastronomy, which collaborated with Mari Arzak, attracted attention.

The partnership between Clive and Jack started in early 1990. After working at the Philips Research Center, he founded a studio for a group of specialists in London, and with the support of Wearable Electronic, he developed methods, technologies and materials in fields such as apparel electronics, conduction textiles, physical gaming, medical monitoring, and entertainment. It was.

Through collaboration with various companies, they are developing ways to leverage the fusion of science, technology, design and art in their vision and roadmap for products and services.

Jack and Clive are also active contributors to design education. It hosts fashion and textile schools in the UK and the Netherlands, as well as the Royal College of Art, Media Lab (MIT), CSM London and City University of New York.

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