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(Online) De-mystifying the User Experience

This programme aims at providing an instinctive understanding of the factors affecting our experiences with products and services. It is an attempt to breakdown and distill these factors into a simplified formula which can be useful to engineers, designers and business people alike. This formula can perform as a lens for evaluating and maybe predicting the experience quality of any service or interaction.

This programme is built on more than 2 decades of experience Ronel Mor has acquired as a researcher, experience designer and practitioner in the digital, industrial and academic landscapes. With a variety of activity in consumer experiences, data visualization design, reality design (AR,VR) and automotive academic research (with cooperation with General Motors).

The programme invites participants from all fields of practice to exercise interface ideas and to establish a deeper understanding of this field. This exercise will be performed using paper and markers and will challenge participants to suggest an alternative interface and experience for a given challenge.

Date and Time:

August 26th (Thursday), 2021 18:00-21:30 (Japan time)


Online (Zoom) *We'll set a zoom link nearer the date.

Lecture + Exercise (Workshop)

Homework: We'll send homework to the participants when the date is nearer.

Language: English with simultaneous translation into Japanese

Tools: paper, pen, miro board

*We'll explain how to use miro board to the participants.


Ronel Mor (Designer, Educator and Entrepreneur, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem)

Ronel Mor

Designer, educator and entrepreneur

Since 1994 Ronel has been active in the discipline of interaction design. In 1998 he founded Mantis, an award winning interaction design firm in Tel Aviv, where he led and directed digital media related projects for internationally acknowledged brands, museums, television broadcasters, financial institutions and global corporations such as Intel, Microsoft and SanDisk. Mantis was later partially sold to Keshet TV, Israel's leading commercial TV broadcaster and accounted for some of the most ambitious internet initiatives in the country.

Additionally Ronel has been closely engaged in academia for over 2 decades as a faculty member in higher education programmes - mainly at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem where he was the head of Interactive Design studies for 7 years and in numerous academic initiatives and programs.

Ronel is an acknowledged speaker in the fields of UX and branding and speaks at prominent professional and academic events in Israel and worldwide.

Number of participants: Approx. 20 participants

Who is the programme for:

The programme is designed not only for UI/UX designers, but for all kinds of professional people from engineering, product/service development, business development, research, strategy, sales and marketing, among others. Students are also welcome.

Participation fee:

33,000 JPY/person (30,000 Yen + Consumption tax)


Please book on the Peatix page:

Before booking:

We'll email you when the date is nearer. We sometimes email in BCC. Please make sure that our email address is not rejected or saved in the spam folder.


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