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(Online)Design Futures: Speculative Design for Business

The Design Futures methodology is based on speculative design.

Speculative design has been gaining attention in Japan in recent years as a design that creates questions, and Design Futures is positioned as a speculative design for business applications.

Using Design Futures' unique process of applying speculative design to business, we will create future lifestyles and technologies, identify completely new opportunity areas, and build future scenarios. Among the various ways to explore insights and apply them to scenarios, this time the exercise will focus on the Future Wheel.

Participants can be from any type of business or industry. This session will be useful for anyone who is involved in creating the future of business.

Date and Time: January 21st (Thursday) 18:00-22:00 JST

Format: Online (Zoom)

Structure of the Programme: Lectures and Exercises

Language: English with Japanese simultaneous translation

Lecturers (Facilitators):

Jack Mama、Clive van Heerden(vHM)

Jack Mama、Clive van Heerden(vHM)

vHM Design Futures was founded in London in 2011 by Clive van Heerden and Jack Mama. Clive van Heerden's rich background in social sciences, interaction design, Jack Mama's products and UX design underpins vHM's work.

vHM is best known by the Design Probe method developed by Philips Design. Design Probe methodologies for future lifestyle insights have announced projects such as Electronic Tatoo, Emotional Sensing Apparel, and Microbial Home, as well as food-related projects such as Diagnostic Kitchen, Home Farming, and Michelin Star Chef Juan-Spain. Multi-sensorial Gastronomy, which collaborated with Mari Arzak, attracted attention.

More information:

Homework: There will be simple homework. (We'll send the information to the participants.)

Number of the participants: Approx 20

Participation Fee: 33,000 JPY (30,000 JPY + 10% Consumption Tax)/participant

How to book:

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