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Virus Night! - Research and Projects Related to the COVID19

This event is now closed. Please check the video here:

Inspire Talks is an exciting opportunity to enjoy hearing about cutting edge topics from science and design. In the next session we have three special speakers, including a guest from the Royal College of Art, to show how their work is challenging or taking opportunity from the COVID-19 situation and viruses in general.

Professor Chieko Kai (Institute of Industrial Science) will talk about her research on medical treatment utilising viral vectors, highlighting a positive element of these microscopic infectious agents. It's a great opportunity to learn about some of the amazing truths about viruses.

Creative Director Midori Yamazaki, will present her recent work Innovation Seeds List, focusing on the innovation catalysing aspects of the pandemic. In this project she explored COVID-19 related technologies developed in the labs of the Institute of Industrial Science, and compiled them into a visual communication tool.

We have also a guest from the Royal College of Art, Tutor, Fernando Galdon, co-author of a new book "A Design History of the Covid-19 Virus". He will explain how design has been working to save lives with interventions such as masks, shelters, hospitals, infographics, respirators, virtual and local communities. Following the presentations and a short Q&A, we will leave Zoom and enter another networking platform where we can enjoy conversation with the speakers and participants in a more informal environment. Detailed information will be sent to the participants nearer the date。

Date / Time: Wednesday May 19th, 2021 - 19:00-21:00 hrs (Japan) / 11:00-18:00 hrs (UK)

We'll let you know a Zoom link for participation via Peatix nearer the date.

Participation Fee: Free

Translation: Fernando will speak in English and will be translated into Japanese. The other speakers will present in Japanese but there will be no translation into English.


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