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Treasure Hunting 2022 - Inspire Talks #22 at Shibuya QWS

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Check our video here:

Inspire Talks is an exciting opportunity to enjoy hearing about cutting edge topics from science and design. In the next session we will feature six student treasure hunters presenting their latest project on "Treasure Hunting 2022," a collaborative project between science and design conducted by DLX Design Lab (DLX) at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the University of Tokyo. This year, four students from the Royal College of Art (RCA), London, and two students from DLX participated in a two-month pilot project with the cooperation of three IIS research laboratories. Networking in the form of a poster session is planned after the presentations. Please come and enjoy casual conversation with treasure hunters and other visitors!


What kind of future will the collaboration of science and design make possible?

Date & Time: 2022/07/14(Thurs) 19:00-21:00 

Venue: Shibuya Scramble Square 15F, SHIBUYA QWS Crosspark(+Live streaming on YouTube)

Language: English/Japanese (RCA students present in English, the rest will be in Japanese)


Participation Fee: Free


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

19:00-19:05 Introduction
19:05-19:10 DLX DESIGN ACADEMY・Treasure Hunting 2022
19:10-19:30: Presentation#1
19:30-19:40: Break
19:40-20:00: Presentation#2
20:00-20:20: Presentation#3 
20:20-20:30 General Feedback
20:30-21:00 Poster Session + Networking


Vedika Lall
The Royal College of Art, Global Innovation Design M1
Vedika  Lall is an impact designer who is driven by intuition and empathy. Her  practice is centred on praxis with divergent and design thinking in the  larger realm of human-centred research. She believes in the need to  tackle complex problems, local or global, not just with solutions but  with stories. She focuses on capturing overlapping narratives to  reimagine existing frameworks, thereby addressing ‘wicked’ problems in  innovative ways.

Maroa-Isabell Al-sahlani
The Royal College of Art, Global Innovation Design M1
Maroa-Isabell  Al-Sahlani is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in Graphic  Design & Illustration. She is interested in easily deployable  systems that are specifically designed for the cultural context in which  they inhabit. Maroa does this through Graphic design, science,  technology and insight from first-hand experiences. Projects in the past  have involved AR to solve censorship issues, physical computing and  material driven sustainability in the Middle East.

Fanny Chavanne
The Royal College of Art, Global Innovation Design M1
Fanny  Chavanne is a designer with a product and space design background.  Originally from France, she has lived most of her life abroad,  particularly in Africa. Her creations strive to offer a more reasoned  design to question our relationship with matter and the more-than-human  world. Currently, her research focuses on how to engage people  differently with their environment, especially in rural communities.

Xiaolin Peng
The Royal College of Art, Global Innovation Design M1
Xiaolin  Peng acts as a UX designer, a tinker, and an entrepreneur. His  interests are human-machine interaction, anthropology, psychology, and  the creative culture industry. He works with Yamakawa Lab and mainly  focuses on the High-speed Flexible Robotics. His vision is to use design  skills to bring a positive impact to the world.

Kenta Masubuchi
The University of Tokyo, DLX Design Lab M2
Kenta  Masubuchi is a master's student at DLX Design Lab. He is conducting  research on "Designing New Non-Visual Entertainment for the Visually  Impaired," and working with collaborators in various fields such as  mathematics, architecture, and art to create works focusing on the  interaction between people and artefacts.

Siyuan Zhang
The University of Tokyo, DLX Design Lab M2
Siyuan  Zhang is a DLX Design Lab student in the Emerging Design and  Informatics Course with a global and interdisciplinary perspective.  Trained as an information-science designer in partnership with other  disciplines, and with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in the  University of Michigan, She is interested in the design of future  workspaces and creative economy with convergence of design and emerging  technologies.


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