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Review: Bio-Inspired Design- Innovation Ideation from Nature

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

This program was facilited by Jun Kamei and held on March 2, 2022. Kamei's own life's work, Amphibio (artificial gill), is driven by the bio-inspired design methodology, and his methods are mainly developed by himself while working on the project. In this programme, the methodology was simplified and summarized into three exercises for participants to experience. Here are some comments from the participants of the programme.


I enjoyed the programme very much.

In order to think creatively, we have to let go of our preconceived ideas, but in reality, it is quite difficult to do so.

I felt that the bio-inspired design method makes it easier to come up with creative ideas because preconceptions are removed by comparing the characteristics of living organisms with human common sense.

Another characteristic of the method we learned this time is that it links to future issues, and by thinking about future issues in terms of cause-and-effect relationships, we were able to diverge more and more.

I reaffirmed the importance of not thinking too hard, but rather softening my mind and using my imagination. In my daily work, my head is always ticking.

As Professor Kamei's career shows, in order to bring technology to society, it is necessary to step into the realms of design and business and connect them. I thought this bio-inspired design method could at least serve as a reference for a method to connect technology and design.

(Masahiro Kawakami, Designer, Murata Machinery, Ltd.)

- -

Participation in the program was a valuable experience.

I could see that many of the participants are aiming to develop their businesses and build a sustainable society based on the hints they obtained from nature. In my working environment, people are interested in nature but not in business or design, so I wonder how I can bridge both of them in an effective way.

Personally, I also thought about making creature cards that if we pay more attention to living things around us in our living spheres, not on those from overseas, we might be able to polish our skill to see nature on a daily basis.

(Motonari Sakuma, Senior Researcher, Ecosystems Society of Japan)

About the Programme

Title: Bio-Inspired Design - Innovation Ideation from Nature

Facilitator: Jun Kamei, Biomimetics Designer, Material Scientist, CEO of Amphibio LTD

Date and Time: March 2nd, 2022, 18:00-21:00JST

Format: Online

For more information, please check the following page:


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