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Review: The UX Formula - Thoughts and practices of experience and future interfaces

This workshop provided an intuitive understanding of the factors that influence our experience of a product or service, using the "UX formula" discovered and advocated by lecturer Ronel Mor. The formula acts as a lens through which the quality of the experience can be evaluated and predicted, and by using it, UX design is not only for designers, but also for engineers and business people.

In the exercises, participants challenged to create ideas of different interfaces to propose new interfaces and experiences for given assignments in order to deepen their understanding of user experience.

Generative AI, which is currently the focus of many people, was also examined from a UX perspective. Please read the comments from a participant below.


While other participants were from the fields of product and service development, I was the one from the filed of human development, aka education.

The UX formula, which was the theme of the workshop, was a learning experience that could be shared by participants from many fields, as it promotes meaningful experiences and provides new value to the target audience in the area of "creation". We learnt that creating a product applying the formula requires a concrete image of everyday life, and discussion from multiple perspectives about what the problems are and what can be proposed to solve them. This knowledge and the way of creating ideas were something which cannot be noticed in the daily discussions in one field, and it was very refreshing.

In the group work, members shared our opinions about the UX of the yet-unseen coming future, from multiple perspectives, and had fun competing for ideas with the other groups. Our group unfortunately missed the prizes, but I believe I could gain better understanding of the theme, from the group discussions, the great ideas of the other groups and the useful critiques from the lecturers.

In addition, this lecture with visual materials and the group work method using miro tickled my curiosity, drew me in and impressed me. At the party after the workshop, Prof. Ronel said, "In Israel, if you give a boring lesson, the students get out of their seats", and I, as an educator, was very much inspired by the sophisticated teaching methods. I cannot deny that I usually compromise on analogue teaching materials, and I am now more motivated to develop attractive teaching materials. Furthermore, the relationships created through collaboration with the participants gave me an image of a future with a view to industry-academia collaboration.

DLX DESIGN ACADEMY offers a diverse range of interesting programmes. I participated for the first time, but would like to repeat again if I find any other interesting themes.

M.O. , University faculty

About the programme

Title: The UX Formula - Thoughts and practices of experience and future interfaces

Lecturer: Ronel Mor (Designer, entrepreneur, educator, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem)

Date and Time: June 9th and 16th, 2023, 13:30-17:00

Format: Onsite

For more information, please check the following page:


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